What is the Difference Between Wax Pen and Oil Vape Pen?

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Vaporizers are devices used mainly to vape a substance or inhale its steam. Some of the common elements vaped are herb weeds, tobacco, e-juice composed with essential oils. These days, one of the most popular substance vaped is CBD. It is the extract of cannabis sativa plants like hemp.

CBD’s curative properties have made it a popular vaping substance. Vaping CBD is the best way to enjoy its health benefits in a quick and safe way. You can order best of vaporizers from famous online shops like JustCbd. It is one stop shop to buy superior quality CBD products.  Individuals stepping in the arena of vape often are confused about vaping accessories. They don’t understand clearly about what is the difference between vape oil and CBD vape juice pen? Even though the answer is quite simple as vape pen is the device used for inhaling the vape oil steam.

There are many kinds of vaping devices to be filled with the desired vape juice or vape oil for inhalation. The two most common kinds of vape tools are the Wax pen and oil vape pen.

More about the differences between wax pen and oil vape pen –  

  • The medium of vaping.
    • The major difference is the kind of substance used to vape by using the devices. Wax pen is used for vaping wax based substances and oil vape device for vaping oil.
  • The chambers differ.
    • In good quality wax pen ceramic or quartz coil systems are present to heat the wax to develop into vapor. Mostly, the coils last for six to eight weeks time and there is a need to replace the coils.
    • In oil vape tools mostly pre filled cartridges are used having the heating element. Once the cartridge is used, next readily available vape oil filled cartridge is used for vaping smoothly. Now, there are even large atomizers available thus it takes longer time to replace the cartridges. There isn’t need to change the coils. There are refillable oil atomizers as well having the need to replace after eight weeks time.
  • The loading process varies.
    • Wax substance is directly loaded in the vape pen. Users need to use dab tool to fill the wax otherwise it will be messy.
    • You get prefilled cartridges to be used in oil vape pen. Some seasonal vape pen users do prefer to blend their own vape oil, thus fill the atomizers themselves.
  • There in difference in vaping temperature.
    • Wax is semi solid or almost in solid form, thus needs high temperature to melt and vaporize.
    • Oil takes little lesser temperature to vaporize compare to wax.
  • Maintenance.
    • Wax pens need high maintenance as wax needs to be filled manually. Moreover, wax materials are sticky, hence the whole device need to be cleaned regularly.
    • You get prefilled oil vape cartridges need to be fixed in the vaping device, thus there won’t be any mess to clean.

Both the modes of vaping are perfect and beneficial. You just need to pick up the most suitable to achieve your goal of vaping.


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